How Secure are Saved Chrome Browser Passwords

Considering the flurry of cyber attacks to steal login credentials, ensuring password security has become a requisite for all. For effective protection, cybersecurity experts always recommend creating unique passwords to avoid guessing and brute force by criminal hackers. However, as we now have so many online accounts, from social networking profiles to online banking accounts, it is quite difficult to remember all these passwords.

To facilitate users with managing passwords, Google launched a built-in password manager and generator with Chrome 69. Even before that, Google chrome offered users to save passwords within the browser. Also with the latest Chrome versions, the browser asks you to save your login details every time you sign-in to an account. This feature allows the users to save their login credentials for all their frequently used portals so that they don’t have to enter their username and passwords again and again.

However, since we know how easy it is to hack browsers, saving passwords in Chrome may not seem a secure option. Does that mean you should never trust your Chrome browser? Well, the answer to this question entirely depends on how you save your passwords.


Google chrome offers saving passwords with or without active Google account sessions. At the basic level, Chrome saves passwords within the browser on a particular device. However, these passwords can be easily viewed if someone gets physical access to your device. Besides, an online attacker snooping into your browser may also access all your saved credentials. This is even easier if you don’t use a VPN since Chrome shares your online data with the websites you visit. It means that your passwords saved in Chrome browser remain on the verge of hacking.

To ensure your passwords remain private to you, you must take care of certain security steps while saving passwords in your Chrome browser. At first, make sure you use a VPN. You can download any best free VPN google chrome to mask your online identity. This will save you from being tracked by online malefactors.

Besides, you must save your passwords into your Google accounts. In this way, you can experience the usefulness of Chrome password manager at its best. By this method, your Google account serves as your master password that holds all your passwords. This will not only keep your credentials secured but also allows you to access your credentials for various websites from any device.

So, you see, Chrome’s saved passwords feature isn’t as bad as it seems. With a little care, you can easily and safely store your passwords to Chrome.